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Hi, I’m DeWayne an alcoholic, and a member of The Loyola Group. Our Group Management Experience: In this section of our web site, we would like to pass along just how we look after each other, and ourselves; neither being an easy task. You’ll learn how The Loyola Group has a “Sponsor Broker”, one of our guys who hooks up sponsors and sponsees with one another. Loyola also has “Trees”, where we, in groups of three, commit to visiting each other by phone or in person, outside the meeting at least once a week. Over three-fourths of our members participate on “Trees.”

Another part you may find helpful is how Loyola welcomes new people. A Loyola Greeter is much more than a hand-shaker! Or perhaps you’d like to hear how we attempt to have better meetings. It’s all here on your left, plus some history of our group, with just a few clicks on your mouse. 
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