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Hi, I’m Buzz an alcoholic, and a member of The Loyola Group. Sponsor Broker: Another way that we reach out to newcomers is by actively encouraging sponsorship, you know – kind of like a big brother. Like many groups, we ask newcomers to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting. In the past, we would suggest that they “get a sponsor”, but we did very little to help them with this suggestion.

As a result, many of the newcomers drifted away without ever making a good connection with a sponsor. The simple truth is that many newcomers find it very difficult to reach out to complete strangers. Compounding this problem, many old-timers are distracted by their own busy lives and their established friendships. One night all that changed for us at Loyola. A long-time member of the group stood up during the announcements and said: “If you want a sponsor, talk to me after the meeting. I’ll hook you up with someone.” That was the night The Sponsor Broker was created. 
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