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Hi, my name is Ed. I’m an alcoholic, and a member of The Loyola Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. In this Sponsorship Section, you will find 75 different talks addressing the various aspects of how (we feel) we can be good sponsors, and how, just as importantly, we can get the most out of it as a good Sponsee. Most of these talks average five minutes in length, and are jam-packed with tips that (we feel) help us make the most of this vital process. We’ve even made it easy for you to E-mail an individual talk to a friend whom you think could benefit from hearing our member’s experience, or send someone (or everyone) you know, an invitation to come see everything we have and what we’re doing at the Loyola Group.

There are two ways for you to make use of this section. Just place the cursor on one of the six Seminars shown to your left, then select from the list which appears, any of the individual talks you want to hear one at a time, or click on the entire Seminar, which will play all the talks in that particular grouping; about an hour’s worth. 
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