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Seminar introduction
Journalizing - Gary S. - 4:16
Look for the similarities, not the differences - Glen B. - 8:55
Denial - Dave H. - 9:54
It's never too late to start - Willis T. - 4:55
Going to any lengths to get it - Mark S. - 6:29
"Let me do your thinking for you - the action is yours" - Joe K. - 6:34
Surrendering finally doing it right - Mike M. - 3:23
Teaching people to keep it simple - David V. - 3:10
Willing to put in the time - Jonathan P. - 5:05
Daily Maintenance - Tom A. - 5:15
Motivation to stay sober - Curt B. - 5:24
A drug is a drug is a drug a little Pot won't hurt me - Pete C. - 7:30
Closing Seminar Comments
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