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Seminar introduction
It's not just about not drinking or using - Paul H. - 3:41
Life's Practical Considerations - John T. - 5:16
Making a place for yourself in AA - Jerry P. - 1:58
Follow-through - Jeff C. - 2:38
How to give constructive criticism - Ed K. - 5:56
Pause when agitated - David B. - 4:52
Ego Good and Bad - Kevin M. - 3:57
Enthusiasm - John C. - 2:05
Working with young people - Arran S. - 5:07
Relationship with your partner - Randell L. - 7:32
Sponsors don't need to know all the answers - Eric G. - 1:00
Depression - Bob B. - 6:53
Closing Seminar Comments
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