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Seminar introduction 1:47
Taking the First Step - Formal vs. Casual? - Jerry W. - 3:57
How important is it to do the First Step first? - Brian F. - 3:45
An example of a formal First Step - John L. - 3:01
What is Powerlessness? - Pat R. - 2:20
Why do we even need to do The Steps? - Chris H. - 3:50
Examples of Unmanageability - What does this really mean? - Brain F. - 3:04
What is Alcoholism? The Disease Concept - Ralph H. - 4:23
Seeing ourselves in other people - Bill A. - 4:00
This is a disease that doesn't just affect the person who has it - Steve B. - 2:57
The rationale behind slow growth - Randy S. - 2:39
The person who has it, is often the last one to know it - Ed P. - 4:18
Rarely have we seen a person fail - best to do it right from the beginning - Mark M. - 4:22
Ego can lead us to doing it our own way - Sammy B. - 2:38
Closing Seminar Comments 0:19
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