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Seminar introduction 1:49
A review of the 1st Step . . . something's wrong! - OB O. - 3:33
Where we had no hope, now we do The HOPE Step - Ed K. - 4:40
How does someone who's never believed in God, "come to believe"? - Kevin M. - 3:26
Do we have to believe in God? - Mark K. - 2:08
How others have found and understood their Higher Power? - Tracey R. - 2:51
Hey, I admitted I was an alcoholic, now do I have to admit I'm insane? - Tod T. - 4:10
Why is it so important to believe that a Power greater than ourselves can help us? - Rich G. - 6:30
Years and years of bad living can take a lot out of us - Frank B. - 2:06
Is this Step easier for someone who's grown up with a religious background? - Henry W. - 2:41
What do we in AA mean when we speak of Spirituality? - Don E. - 9:03
Is this a Step that should or could be done formally? - Jonathan P. - 4:19
What's it mean, "came to believe"? - Michael C. - 2:28
Many develop a deeper understanding of this step as we progress in our sobriety - Stan U. - 6:48
What does a conscious contact "feel" like? - Joe K. - 4:15
Closing Seminar Comments 6:14
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