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Seminar introduction 1:36
A review of the 1st and 2nd Steps - Michael I. - 3:32
What is this "turning it over" stuff? - Dylan C. - 2:51
What does making a decision mean? - Karl K. - 2:40
Is there a formal process to this Step, or is it just a feeling? - Dennis B. - 1:23
Made a decision. I've done that before! Or have I? - Dominic A. - 3:26
If the Higher Power is in charge, what's my job? - Dave M. - 6:09
How does the Higher Power tell me what to do, and what not to do? - Roger J. - 5:24
My whole life has been a series of examples of reasons not to trust anyone - Michael C. - 3:02
Is the Third Step a one-time deal? - CJ L. - 7:43
First learn, then live the Third Step. - Andy W. - 2:57
What does God look like? - DeWayne H. - 6:56
Do any of you actually give up your life and will 100% of the time? - Tom F. - 7:04
Some practical examples of "turning it over" - Jack H. - 7:04
Closing Seminar Comments 1:53
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