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Seminar introduction 2:16
A review of the 1st Three Steps - Jon-Michael G. - 1:04
Tell me in simple terms. What is a moral inventory? - John B. - 4:24
How come I need to drag up my not-so-proud past? - Arran S. - 2:36
Can I do this Step off the top of my head? - Michael W. - 2:38
Is a Fourth Step only about what's bad in our lives? No, it includes the good as well - Mark S. - 4:35
What literature can help me prepare for my Fourth Step? - Eric A. - 1:02
I did this Step before. Does that mean I don't have to ever do it again? - Jim D. - 1:26
How come so many people talk about this Step being so scary? - Tom F. - 5:06
I've been sober two months now. Should I have already done this Step Four? - David B. - 3:57
Why is it so important to look at our past, in order to plan our future? - Don R. - 3:08
What specific aspects of our lives should be included in our inventory? - Jeff W. - 4:38
A simple overview of a simple Step - Bob B. - 3:58
Closing Seminar Comments 0:31
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