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Seminar introduction 1:43
A review of the 1st Five Steps - Ralph H. - 5:10
Another way of putting this Step is, "Help me be a better person" - Ed K. - 5:21
Is this a Step that should be skipped over by folks who don't believe in God? - Jess R. - 3:15
The lifting of the obsession to drink - Andy W. - 4:25
Self-destruction goes against Nature. So why do we do it? - Paul H. - 2:23
Asking God to remove our defects It's not with words; it's with our "effort" - Mark S. - 3:21
We suddenly have something to lose, thus we try harder to keep it - Jonathan P. - 4:31
Is this Step about attitude, or is it an action Step, or both? - Todd S. - 4:43
If God were to remove our shortcomings, just how might He do that? - Chyle E. - 2:41
Is this an "all or nothing" Step? - Jerry P. - 1:03
If you have a half-assed Program, you'll have a half-assed life - Brian F. - 5:00
Some people want and think they need to be told things in exact terms - Michael W. - 2:23
Is there a formal way to take this Step? - Tony J. - 4:50
Closing Seminar Comments 0:14
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