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Seminar introduction 1:51
A review of the 1st Six Steps - John L. - 4:16
What does "humbly" really mean? - Jimmy S. - 2:19
Give me some examples of shortcomings - Mark K. - 3:38
If we ask nicely, does God really zap-away all our defects? What's our role? - Ransom S. - 2:18
I thought this Program was supposed to be about not drinking - Jeff W. - 1:52
I want to know more about just how we're suppose to do the "asking" - Mark S. - 3:32
How do you suggest I go about asking to have my shortcomings removed? - Mark O. - 9:45
I just flat-out don't want to get rid of some of my shortcomings - Don R. - 3:08
Are we encouraged to do the Seventh Step in a formal way? - Pete C. - 3:50
Has anyone ever successfully passed right on by this Step? - Peter D. - 3:15
The difference between being ready and asking - Mike F. - 3:57
Maybe I need to be reminded of the importance of living the Steps - Sammy B. - 2:45
How do I know that I've done a good job with Step Seven? - Tim P. - 6:06
Closing Seminar Comments 0:17
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