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Seminar introduction 2:16
A review of the 1st Eight Steps - Joe K. - 3:21
Asking others to forgive us allows us to begin forgiving ourselves - Paul H. - 3:41
What about letting "sleeping dogs lie?" - Michael C. - 3:52
Is this Step meant to be my punishment for my past personal failures? - Ira M. - 2:55
Just saying you're sorry, doesn't cut it! - Lipton E. - 2:24
They don't want your money, they want their money! - Rich G. - 4:46
Some practical hints on HOW to make an amends - Sean B. - 3:47
Some thoughts on what "injuring them or others" really means - Chyle E. - 5:01
Do they need to know the amends came from me? - Stan U. - 5:15
Where should we get help at figuring out which amends needs to be performed? - Michael C. - 2:07
Remember, we're only responsible to make the amends, not on how it is received - Greg W. - 2:46
What does the other person get out of this process? - Bob W. - 3:00
Closing Seminar Comments 0:19
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