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Seminar introduction 1:59
A review of the 1st Nine Steps - Don E. - 13:29
I guess this Step means that doing a one-time Fourth Step isn't enough, huh? - Will A. - 2:22
Some of us ask others to remind us when our thinking and behavior stray - Henry W. - 3:06
An ongoing personal inventory is our best bet at achieving real self-esteem - Randy S. - 3:51
Why are we encouraged to admit when we're wrong - John B. - 4:30
Some well proven methods to stop us from being liars - Dominic A. - 4:08
We don't get to practice it by taking our loved one's inventory. Stephen B. - 3:32
Developing a new sense of right and wrong - Charlie C. - 2:14
Getting in the habit of LIVING this Step - David V. - 3:05
Perhaps openly admitting our faults has more to do with our future than our past! - Ryan C. - 2:43
Some practical examples of a quickie personal moral inventory - Kent M. - 3:17
One man's testimony of the power of this Step - Mike M. - 3:41
You'd think by the time that we're at Step Ten we wouldn't need this Step - Steven I. - 3:28
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