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Seminar introduction 1:42
A review of the 1st Ten Steps - Sean B. - 4:29
Step Eleven seems to have us searching - John B. - 3:18
Let's zero in on the meaning of "conscious contact" - Pete C. - 3:32
How do we search through prayer? - Bob M. - 5:00
How do we search through meditation? - Tim B. - 4:04
Do we need to have a conscious contact in order to know what we're to do? - Dave H. - 4:21
Does God's Will come to me gift wrapped so I can easily recognize it? - Fred P. - 5:27
God's Will seems too hard for me. Let's be practical about this! - Jess R. - 2:46
The difference between believing in a Higher Power and believing in a Higher Power - John B. - 4:57
What does "power" mean in "the power to carry that out"? - Dave M. - 4:46
Some of us wait and wait for the answer, then wait for the power - Christopher H. - 2:55
Here's a practical example of how Step 11 works in my life - Tom F. - 4:48
Here's another practical example of how Step 11 works in my life - Arran S. - 3:10
Closing Seminar Comments 0:13
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