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Seminar introduction - 1:56
A review of the 1st Eleven Steps - DeWayne H. - 7:13
Some of the different ways we carry the message - Gary S. - 3:45
Exactly what is the "message" we're asked to carry? - Chyle E. - 4:31
Tell me when I know I've had a spiritual awakening - John L. - 3:29
How perfect do I have to be? - Steve B. - 4:00
Some people choose to work only the first and the last Steps - David B. - 2:09
The difference between learning the Steps, and living the Steps - Ed R. - 4:27
Ways I keep my Program fresh - Mark S. - 3:03
Exactly what is a Twelfth Step call? - Buzz B. - 4:11
My responsibilities as a home group member - Ralph H. - 3:36
Does this Program come to us in stages, or all at once? - Karl K. - 2:04
How to be successful every time you work with others - Bob B. - 4:39
Closing Seminar Comments - 1:52
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